RENOWELL” is a vision to provide comprehensive care to people of all ages with kidney disease.

Our aim is to keep your kidney healthy and maintain kidney function.

Our team comprises of physicians and surgeons who are well trained in paediatric nephrology, nephrology and urology. As our team is complete with different specialists, we focus our care to different aspect to kidney diseases and give our patients holistic care.

Our long term experience has made us realize that the huge burden of kidney disease is causing economic and social loss to the patient along with physical and psychological impacts to their health. With overall better outcome of treatment with advances in medicine, the number of people living with chronic kidney disease is increasing. This emphasizes the need of development of “RENOWELL” for long term, comprehensive care for all your kidney related issues.

There is wide scope of minimally invasive procedure laser and laparoscopic surgery to treat surgical conditions like stone diseases, cancer, congenital anomalies. However there are lack of awareness of availability and costs of these treatments and patients struggle to get appropriate access to these services.

Our aim is to take kidney care to next level in north east India and make RENOWELL a self-sufficient center where we can provide cost effective treatment in long term under one roof.

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